Emigrate New Zealand


An interesting TV programme, aptly named “Made in New Zealand” shows how small companies have become so successful. Only the other week they featured a young male nurse who had come out to New Zealand from Manchester in the mid eighties. Unable to find the colourful ties he was used to buying ‘back home’ be started making his own and now has a flourishing business.

Farming, which traditionally provides all the New Zealand lamb, has recently seen the ostrich being introduced as the way to greet the year 2000. The explosion of wine growers has produced some excellent wines which are reaching all corners of the earth, with particular mention in the press recently when they started selling New Zealand wine in Harrods.

The tourist industry has a huge potential, with New Zealand being marketed as a tourist destination, particularly in America and Asia. It certainly has the scenery to offer. There are many beautiful sights with mountains, lakes and glaciers and remote beaches and lush bush. For someone happy to live in a more isolated area there are still opportunities to invest in a small tourist aimed enterprise, in return for a modest income. Many small eateries have a long way to go before they reach the standards that overseas visitors are used to.

The large hotels and motels are mostly very good, particularly in the main cities as they are used by businessmen as well as tourists. But quality accommodation is lacking in some tourist areas and the service offered in some establishments might not impress the more discerning traveller.

I believe New Zealand can be a land of opportunity for the immigrant but I cannot stress enough the need to plan and prepare before you come. Ask those vital questions - How much money will I need? What qualifications will I need? Are my qualifications recognised in New Zealand? Are there any regulations that I need to be aware of? - by getting the answers to all those questions before you set foot on a plane (and presumably while you are still employed), you will avoid wasting valuable time and money on your arrival.

There is always plenty of encouragement and information available, but you need to be prepared to work hard and to have the resources available to carry you through those early years.

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