Emigrate New Zealand


Pre Schoolers

Plunket is a name you will hear quite often if you have babies or toddlers. It is the name given to child health clinics and they provide lots of services for mothers including, the hire of baby equipment. There have been attempts to phase them out in some areas and the announcements are being met with uproar.


Kindergarten or kindy as it is known, is government funded and is similar to playgroup. If you have a pre school child make sure his name goes down on the waiting list and a place will be made available to him some time after his third birthday, when he will be offered morning or afternoon sessions lasting approximately three hours.

Should you move to a different district then the child’s name can be transferred to the new area and you will not lose your place on the waiting list.

Day Care Centres

These are privately run and opening times vary from 6.30 am and some offer up to twelve hours care for children from birth to five years of age. You can choose between those who submit an educational programme with play, or those who offer play only.

In addition to asking around for recommendations, it is always prudent to make your own evaluations and check out suitability and qualifications. New Zealanders are slow both to criticise, or complain.

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