Emigrate New Zealand


The New Zealand accent (although they swear they don’t have one!) takes a bit of getting used to - they stress the letter ‘e’ in many words. A lot of Kiwis allow their voices to go up at the end of a sentence, which makes it sound as if they are asking a question, even if they are not. The plural for “woman” is pronounced in the same way as the singular.

Just so you know what everyone is talking about, I list below the most common words that are different:

Aussie or Ocker - Australian

Bach - (pronounced Batch) Holiday home

Backyard - garden - could be a considerable size

Bench - worktop

Blue - mistake (you made a blue)

Bottle store - off licence

Bush - forest or dense wooded area

BYO - bring your own drink (seen outside certain restaurants)

Cheerios - cocktail frankfurters

Chilly bin - cool box

Chips or Chippies - crisps

Chook - chicken

Cobber - friend

Cockie - Farmer

College - High school

Crib - Holiday home (Otago)

Crook - unwell, broken

Dag - a bit of a character

Deck - patio

De-facto - unmarried live-in lover

Dairy - corner shop

Daylight savings - putting clocks back/forward

Domain - public picnic green

Flog - borrow

Fossick - look for (fossick about in the cupboard)

Godzone - New Zealand (God’s own country) - used mainly by satirists

Good as gold - yes, that’s fine

Good on yer - Good for you

Gumboots - Wellington boots

Hoon - moron, rush around in cars

Hot chips - chips

Housie - bingo

Ice blocks - Ice lollies

Jandals - flip flops

Judder bars - sleeping policeman

Jug - kettle

Kiwi - New Zealander

Lollies - sweets

Manchester - linen (department)

Morning tea - mid morning coffee/tea break

Muffler - exhaust pipe

Paddock - field

Pakeha - white person (Maori word)

Pants - trousers

Park - parking space

Pikelets - scotch pancakes

Pink Batts - fibreglass roof insulation

Pom, Pommie - Englishman

Pottle - small plastic container, or punnet

Section - plot your house is built on

She’ll be right - It will work out OK

Skite - braggart

Smoko - term for tea break used in factories or industrial sites

Sneakers - trainers

Tad - small amount

Togs - swimming costume

Trundler - shopping trolley

Varsity - university

Veges - vegetables

Washhouse/laundry - utility room

Wee - small


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