Emigrate New Zealand

Snippets of conversations between English immigrants

“The thing I miss most about England is Boots the Chemist”

“You’ll learn in time that us Poms need to stick together”

“My children have had the most wonderful opportunities here and have done things we could only dream of in England”

“I am suspicious of a nation who do not have vinegar on their fish and chips”

“I miss absolutely nothing about England at all”

“They have no sense of humour do they?”

“We got ourselves into a financial position where we could return to England and then decided to stay here”

“New Zealand is a very small place - never fall out with anyone, you never know when you will come across his relation”

“I went for a visit back to England but this is my home now”

“I have lived out here for thirty years but now that my husband has died I don’t know where I belong”

“We went back to England but couldn’t settle, we missed the blue skies and came back”

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