Emigrate New Zealand

Sport and Recreation

During the main summer months, lifeguards patrol the most popular swimming beaches. They are experienced in checking the sea for ‘rips’ and set up flags as safety indicators. It is recommended that you only swim between the flags.

Duck and deer shooting are both well liked and rabbit shooting appeals to many. As rabbits have no natural predators and have reproduced to alarming proportions large scale eradication plans are being made to get rid of these ‘imported’ pests.

Golfing is extremely popular and very accessible. The majority of courses are open to everyone, so you can enjoy some first class golf without the need to join expensive clubs. Bowls is another firm favourite.

For horse lovers it is possible to make contact with someone who owns a horse. Maybe one that you could exercise for free. For someone prepared to live thirty minutes from the city there is no reason why you could not find a home with a paddock. Children can have horseriding lessons for approximately $20.00 and they will be gone for most of the day, not just having the lesson, but learning to care for the horses and taking their turn to ‘muck out’.

Flying and paragliding are accessible and relatively popular. There are clubs for climbing, abseiling and tramping. Horse trekking is also available.

One of the most popular sports of all is boating. Auckland is known as the ‘city of sails’. The vast Waimaita harbour offers a paradise to boaties. Wellington, Canterbury and Dunedin all have ports attached to them. The top of the South Island, around the Marlborough Sounds, is dotted with holiday homes and the boats that go with them. Even on a modest income, there is no reason why you could not own a small boat and go fishing. Jetboating is also ideal in many of the rivers.

I must not forget, of course, the most famous of activities for which New Zealand is famous, bungee jumping. If you enjoy jumping off very high bridges, with a piece of elastic tied to your feet, then you will be well catered for here.

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